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Climate finance is urgently needed to enable people and communities to deal with the increasingly worsening impacts of the climate crisis. It is also vital for the transformation of our energy and economic systems to prevent climate catastrophe and build equitable, post-carbon, just societies. The Green Climate Fund has a vital role to play in Climate Finance, and civil society groups must ensure that the GCF does fulfill this role to the maximum benefit of people and communities. We hope this website will be useful in empowering and enabling civil society groups for this purpose. Read more…

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Climate Finance Shadow Report 2020

Assessing progress towards the $100 billion commitment Publication date: 20 October 2020 Authors: Tracy Carty, Jan Kowalzig, Bertram Zagema International climate finance is vital to global cooperation on climate change. As many developing countries reel from the effects of coronavirus, the prospect of climate-induced extreme weather risks compounding crises and poverty. Climate change could undo…
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Civil Society Achieves Greater Access to Information on Upcoming GCF Projects

Author: Tara Daniel Civil society, Indigenous Peoples, and local community observers to the GCF achieved an ideological victory concerning our role in the GCF, which should also result in tangible opportunities for observers and rightsholders to strengthen their meaningful engagement with the Fund. The Information Appeals Panel (IAP) upheld an appeal from civil society observers…
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CSO Update: Green Climate Fund Board Meeting 26 – Day 4

By Claire Miranda, APMDD Read below or DOWNLOAD HERE The last day of B26 started with an Executive Session to discuss matters related to the Head of the Independent Evaluation Unit (IEU). As reported in our Day 1 update, Jo Puri of the IEU announced that B26 will be her last Board Meeting as she will be…
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