An Open Letter from the Developing Country CSO Observer to the GCF Co-Chairs and Members of the Board at the Oslo Replenishment Meeting

April 5, 2019


Dear Co-Chairs and Members of the GCF Board present in Oslo,

In behalf of the CSO Active Observers Team, I would like to urgently convey and confirm that Ms. Liane Schalatek represents the CSO Observers community from BOTH developing and developed countries.  This was discussed and agreed by the Active Observers team as well as many CSO Observers to the GCF who attended our CSO Conference Call on this matter.  This was also made known to all CSO Observers to the GCF via our list serve and no objection was raised.

Please note that the GCF Co-Chairs made a decision to have only ONE (1) CSO Active Observer present at the Replenishment meetings.  Thus, we from the CSO Observers community, in making a decision who from the AOs will be attending, are already aware and in agreement that the AO attending will represent both constituencies.  And to be consistent with the GCF Co-Chairs decision – GCF Board members should therefore also recognize that the AO attending the meeting represents CSOs from both developing and developed countries.

All members of the AO team were equally considered for the responsibility to attend this meeting in Oslo.  It happens that Liane is the one who can accommodate this meeting in her schedule. We gave her our full endorsement and mandate.

Further – regardless of who is attending, CSO Observers to the GCF already have a long-standing practice of preparing positions and statements collectively, working at consensus, and making sure we articulate agreed positions as our inputs to the GCF process.  This is the same for the positions we have taken on the agenda and papers for this replenishment meeting. And Liane will most certainly be drawing from these agreements for her interventions.

We would like to strongly request you to give Liane the opportunity to give interventions and inputs into the meeting. Many of us, from both developing and developing countries, have put in a lot of time and energies to prepare our thoughts and positions and would like to have the chance to share them via Liane.

With many thanks,

Lidy Nacpil
CSO Active Observer for Developing Countries

This letter was published with permission from Lidy Nacpil.
Featured photo from Climate Change News.