Climate finance is urgently needed to enable people and communities to deal with the increasingly worsening impacts of the climate crisis. It is also vital for the transformation of our energy and economic systems to prevent climate catastrophe and build equitable, post-carbon, just societies. The Green Climate Fund has a vital role to play in Climate Finance, and civil society groups must ensure that the GCF does fulfill this role to the maximum benefit of people and communities. We hope this website will be useful in empowering and enabling civil society groups for this purpose.

GCFWatch: Towards a CSO GCF monitor

GCF Watch is a Southern CSO-led initiative established to help promote and accelerate Southern CSO readiness to engage the GCF as its operations shift to national arenas, in all the multi-faceted roles taken up by civil society, e.g. as project or Fund stakeholders, Fund or project and program monitors, participants considering to access the fund, or as providers of input to project planning, implementation or evaluation.

GCFWatch.org was started because of the following challenges:

  • GCF is gaining speed now, with first significant funding pledges arriving
  • Governments are moving and have identified their NDAs
  • Good CSO coordination around the GCF meetings, but no comprehensive and consistent strategy and overview available what is happening where
  • Readiness building is on its way for governments, but CSOs probably more struggling with finding their way through the GCF jungle, keeping track with developments


The GCFWatch.org aims to:

  • Share information on GCF processes in different countries more effectively
  • Contribute to enabling local society keeping pace with national discussions
  • Track more regularly and efficiently in-country progress regarding GCF
  • Need for an information hub independent from GCF Secretariat
  • Serve as one stop shop for GCF CSO information

If you share our interest, send us a message. All have something to share.

Steering Committee

Advisory Council

Erika Lennon is a Senior Attorney in the Climate & Energy Program at the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL). Her work focuses primarily on climate liability, the Green Climate Fund, and the intersection of human rights and climate change. Currently, Erika is serving as the Active Observer for CSOs – developed country constituency.

Prior to joining CIEL, Erika was Coordinator of the Program on International and Comparative Environmental Law at the American University Washington College of Law where she worked on numerous projects related to climate change, climate accountability, and international climate finance as well as improving environmental and social safeguards and ensuring accountability and improving independent accountability mechanisms at international financial institutions. Erika also taught legal research and writing to international students pursuing their LL.M degree. She has also worked at Greenpeace US and the Alameda County Community Food Bank.

Titi Soentoro is the Executive Director of Aksi! for gender, social and ecological justice based in Indonesia. She is a feminist, who advocates for women’s rights, facilitates knowledge and skill sharing for affected communities and particularly women on safeguard standards, information disclosure and accountability mechanism for defending their rights against development and climate projects affecting their lives negatively, and monitors development and climate finance. She leads feminist research based advocacy on Gender into Urban Climate Change Policy, on Women and Energy Options and Women’s Indicators of Good Practices Climate Projects. She and Aksi’s team are also actively engaged with the Indonesia NDA to GCF to pursue CSOs engagement mechanism, intervene to the Country Program Document drafting process and monitor GCF money flows to Indonesia -be it for NDA Readiness or projects.

Daan Robben is working as a policy advisor climate finance at the NGO Both ENDS Foundation, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Sven Harmeling works with CARE International since 2013 as Global Policy Lead Climate Change and Resilience. In that function he leads and coordinates CARE’s international climate policy work, and provides advice to CARE offices both in developed and developing countries. He has been active in the international climate policy space for about 15 years, with particular experience in issues around adaptation, loss and damage, and climate finance. Sven Harmeling holds a diploma in geography, environmental economics and political sciences from the University of Bonn, Germany. He is also a voluntary member of the board of directors of CAN International, CAN Europe and Germanwatch.

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