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CSO Update: GCF Board Meeting 27 Day 5

On the last day of B27, the Board tried closing unresolved items that needed board decision, starting with the Consideration of Funding Proposals. After consultations done on the sidelines with opposing BMs and BMs that added new conditions, the 5 FPs were presented again to the Board for their approval. Because the Board did not…

CSO Update: GCF Board Meeting 27 Day 4

The fourth day of the GCF B27 started with the discussion on the Review of the Multilateral Organization Performance Assessment Network (MOPAN). MOPAN is a network of like-minded donor countries that aim to monitor the performance of multilateral development organisations, such as the GCF. In December 2019, MOPAN communicated with the GCF Secretariat its interest…

CSO Update: GCF Board Meeting 27 Day 3

Co-chair Sue Szabo opened Day 3 with a brief welcome and recognition of the replacement of the BM from Germany. Heike Henn was replaced by Sebastian Forsch as the former had to attend to other matters in her office. A clarification was raised by the BM from Pakistan regarding the replacement, which required consultation with…

CSO Update: GCF Board Meeting 27 – Day 2

Day 2 started a few minutes late as it took a while for the Board to reach quorum. As soon as they reached enough number of participants, they immediately dove into the items that were not discussed yesterday, starting with the Report of the Activities of the Co-chairs. The item received only one comment from…

CSO Update: GCF Board Meeting 27 (Day 1 – November 9, 2020)

Starting at 9:05 PM Korea Time, co-chairs Sue Szabo (Canada) and Nauman Bhatti (Pakistan) welcomed the Board to its second virtual board meeting. The said meeting is scheduled to run 4 hours a day via Zoom until 13 November 2020. Co-chair from Canada recognized the new members of the Board, together with their alternates and…