INVITATION – Webinar Series on Climate Finance and the Green Climate Fund


An invitation the Asian Peoples’ Movement on Debt and Development (APMDD), a regional  alliance of peoples’ movements, community organizations, coalitions, NGOs and networks.

APMDD is one of the civil society organizations closely monitoring and intervening in the policies and the operations of the Green Climate Fund (GCF). We have also been helping lead and facilitate southern groups involvement in engaging the GCF Board and campaigning on GCF related issues. As part of this work, APMDD convenes regular conference calls among Southern groups to discuss key Board policy issues, receive feedback from local and national CSOs about GCF funded projects, and provide information and updates about the outcome of every Board Meeting.

APMDD also serves as the regional node for Asia of the GCF Watch, a Southern-CSO led initiative aimed to serve as the central hub of relevant GCF information and activities, and provide opportunities for interaction and cooperation among civil society groups to hone skills and strategies for GCF engagements.

APMDD will be conducting a Webinar Series on the GCF these coming weeks. The work on GCF appears to be ‘too technical’ for some and this Webinar series is aimed at overcoming this challenge and contribute to broadening the involvement of movements and organizations beyond the groups that are engaged thus far. We hope to help enable organizations to be more empowered to participate in GCF work (local, national and global), and to be critically and actively engaged in the issues including in the evaluation and monitoring of GCF funding proposals. The webinars also aim to strengthen CSO coordination in Asia.

We would like to invite you to join our Webinar Series on Climate Finance and the GCF. While these webinar sessions are aimed primarily for APMDD members, climate justice groups, and grassroots movements in Asia that are working on Climate Finance and climate projects — climate justice groups from other regions are also welcome to join.

The first GCF Webinar is on May 21, 2020, at 3 PM GMT+8 (check time here).

The webinar sessions will cover the following topics on the following dates:

  • GCF 101: basics of the Fund, history, purpose, structure and what it has done so far (May 21, 2020 3:00 – 4:30PM GMT+8)
  • GCF Basic Operations and the Role of Various Entities: The NDA, DAEs, IAEs and task of CSOs and peoples organizations (June 11, 2020 3:00 – 4:30PM GMT+8)
  • GCF Basic Principles and Policies: Investment Framework, Financial Terms and Instruments, Direct Access, Country Ownership, ESS, Gender and IP Policies (June 30, 2020 3:00 – 4:30PM GMT+8)
  • To be announced:
    • GCF Board Meetings: Processes before, during and after the meetings, and the role and work of CSOs; CSO Coordination at the regional level
    • Understanding the GCF Funding: How much does it have vs how much the developing world needs
    • Funding Proposals: Overview of GCF Portfolio, FP process and CSO intervention channels at the national level
    • Accreditation: Overview of entities accredited to the GCF, Accreditation process and CSO intervention channels at the national level