Support and Sign-on Requested: Joint CSO Submission on Review of the Guidelines for Observer Participation in the GCF

Note: Below is a message from Ms. Liane Schalatek, an active CSO observer of the Green Climate Fund, requesting for support from fellow CSO members. Please support the intervention by signing-on by COB Thursday, October 3rd (GMT).

Dear Colleagues,

CSOs active in the GCF have elaborated a Joint CSO Submission over the course of the last few weeks in response to a call for public input by the GCF Secretariat  (see below) on the ongoing review of existing guidelines for observer participation in the GCF .

These existing guidelines are very narrowly focused exclusively at the engagement of observers in Board proceedings, including the role of and selection of the two GCF active observers for CSOs and PSOs respectively (one each representing developing and developed countries).

The submission proposed for sign focuses in some detail on:

  1. The existing observer participation guidelines related to Board proceedings specifically, and what necessary improvements can be made to bring it in compliance with existing or even set new international best practices, including by providing a red-line edit and commentary on the existing guidelines (Sections II and IV of the joint submission as attached); and
  2. Issues of broader observer participation beyond Board proceedings, addressing various other operational levels of the GCF strategies and activities, including on the Secretariat, regional, and national levels, and within the implementing partners’ structures. and calling for the development of broader and more comprehensive observer and stakeholder participation guidelines by the GCF (Section III of the submission as attached).

At this point, we are seeking institutional support in the form of sign-ons for this statement and suggested edits to the existing observer participation guidelines related to engagements with the GCF Board.

If your organization would like to sign on as supporting this submission, please either email me directly ( or fill out this short online registration form:

We would need to receive the sign-ons by end of business day Thursday, October 3rd, as our deadline for submission is this Friday, October 4th.

Please, let us know if you have any questions.

We are looking forward to your support to help us ensure that the GCF significantly improves on its current practice on observer and stakeholder engagement not just in Board proceedings, but in GCF operations more broadly.

With best regards,

Active CSO observer
Member, GCFWatch Steering Committee

Note: Featured photo from Heinrich Böll Foundation.